Summit HQ015-24 työntötankomoottori, 15 cm

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Työntötankomoottori satelliittiantenneille.

Työntötankomoottori satelliittiantenneille.

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Tuotemerkki Summit
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Strong precise push rod motor with 15cm stroke and a supply voltage of 24V DC.
The speed is between 8mm/sec and 15mm/sec, depending on the load.
The current consumption at maximum load (350kg) is 4.0A
The connection is made via the connecting cable already mounted on the actuator.

Extending and retracting is controlled by swapping polarity.
When the endpoints are reached, the actuator automatically stops.
The actuator has protection class IP65 (dustproof, complete protection against contact; Protection against jet water (nozzle) from any angle)

For dimensions and installation examples, please refer to the respective product photo.

Voltage: 24V DC
Current consumption: 4.0A (at max load)
Protection class: IP65
Push maximum load: 350kg
Pull maximum load: 350kg
Speed: 8mm / sec (at maximum load); 15mm / sec (without load)
Duty cycle: max. 10% (max 2min within 18min at max load.
Failure to do so will overheat the engine!)
Noise: <52dB

DVB-yhteensopivuus DVB-S (satelliitti), DVB-S2 (satelliitti HD)
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