Inverto Pro Single Universal LNB, ULN+

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Erittäin laadukas mikropää 1 satelliitille ja 1 digiboksille.
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Specifically designed for DTH operators utilizing set top boxes with a 10.75GHz LO setting, this LNB provides optimized reception performance for high band frequencies in both horizontal or vertical polarizations. The LNB fully supports DVB-S2 and UD/UHD broadcasts and provides excellent cross polarization isolation and Noise Figure performances. It enables the reception of satellite signals from one satellite and their distribution to a single tuner Set-top box. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and delivering high performance at low power, compact and a super cost efficient design make this LNB an ideal solution for DTH operators worldwide having their service over the high band frequency range.

Main Features:

LO frequency 10.75 GHz
Low phase noise and low noise figure
DVB-S2 HD/UHD compliant
Low power consumption
High Cross-Pole performance
High frequency stability

Technical specifications
High band input frequency range 11.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz
High band output frequency range 950 MHz ~ 2000 MHz
High band LO frequency 10.75 GHz
Noise figure 0.6 dB typ. (0.9 dB max.)
LO frequency accuracy @ 25° C ±600 kHz
LO temperature drift ±1.0 MHz max.
LO phase noise @ 10 kHz -80 dBc/Hz
Conversion gain 55 dB min.
Gain ripple (over 26 MHz bandwidth) ±0.75 dB
Gain variation (over full band) ±3 dB max.
Image rejection 40 dB min.
3th order intermodulation - ICP3 10 dBm min.
1 dB compression point (@ output) 0.0 dBm min., >3 dBm typ.
Cross polarization isolation 23 dB min., 25 dB typ.
Control signal Ca (V) 11.0 V ~ 14.0 V
Control signal Cb (H) 16.0 V ~ 20.0 V
Output VSWR 2.5 : 1
In band spurious level -60 dBm max.
Current consumption 100 mA max. (11 VDC ~ 20 VDC)
Operating temperature -25 °C ~ +60 °C
Output impedance 75 Ω (F-type)
Output connector type F-Type (female)
Weight 75 g

Mikropään (LNB) tyyppi Single, Universal
HDTV-vastaanotto Ei
DVB-yhteensopivuus DVB-S (satelliitti), DVB-S2 (satelliitti HD)
Tuotteen paino (g) 75
Postin lähetys Suomessa Kyllä
Matkahuollon toimitus Lähellä pakettina Kyllä
Matkahuollon lähetys Bussi- ja Jakopakettina Kyllä
Bussiennakko mahdollinen Kyllä
DHL Express lähetys kaikkiin maihin Kyllä
Posti lähetys Eurooppaan Kyllä
GLS lähetys Eurooppaan Kyllä
Valmistusmaa Kiina
Takuu 60 kk
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