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Ohjelmointilaite Inverto Unicable II ohjelmoitaville mikropäille. Katso yhteensopivat mikropäät vierestä. Katso lisätietoa Huoltovalikon foorumilta.
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Inverto’s Unicable II Programmer is an essential installation tool helping to configure and diagnose any Unicable II LNB or Multiswitch using a PC. The Inverto’s Unicable II Programmer software tool for PC provides an easy to use and intuitive graphic user interface allowing the installer to modify the default parameters of the installed Unicable II LNB or Multiswitch including for example, the operating mode (Static or Dynamic), the RF/IF frequency mapping grid for Static mode, the IF frequencies of the User Bands, the output power level and the protocols used over each User Band (EN50494/EN50607).


The PC software tool allows to carry out diagnostic tests on the connected LNB or Multiswitch, retrieve diagnostic logs and identify potential installation health issues. The programmer provides several options for updating the firmware or the configuration file of the connected LNB or Multiswitch through the PC. It also features an internal memory that can store a configuration file prepared on the PC and transmit it later to a connected LNB or Multiswitch in the field by pressing a dedicated button releasing the installer from carrying his laptop to the field.


The Programmer device can be integrated into an existing installation, power the LNB or Multiswitch unit using the supplied AC/DC power adapter, and allow a parallel connection to a PC over USB for monitoring and configuration.


The Programmer is supplied with an external AC/DC adapter and a USB cable.



User Band and Protocol testing tool



Static mapping editing tool



 User Band and Protocol testing tool  



Unicable II Multiswitch configuration screen


Product Specifications




1x Satellite IF, F-type

1x Satellite IF loop-through out, F-type

1x USB (Type-B)

Loop-through loss 1dB max.

Control protocols:


DiSEqC™ commands extension according to CENELEC EN50494     and/or EN50607, DiSEqC2.0.
Display and keys

Activity LED


Yellow blinking:  Communication activity between ODU and Programmer

Green: Configuration files in ODU and Programmer are identical

Power LED


Red: The Programmer is powered over the USB connection

Orange: The Programmer is powered over the 12V DC input





Short press: Transmit a configuration file stored in the Programmer to the ODU device

Long press: Download the configuration file of the ODU and compare to a file stored in the Programmer 

Power consumption
Programmer only 5VDC, 50mA (can be powered over the USB interface)

ODU power


13V-18V, 600mA max. - powering and programming of an ODU device requires use of the supplied AC/DC adapter
Dimensions 107mm x 77mm x 30 (W x D x H)

AC/DC adapter







Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.8A max. 

Output voltage: 12VDC

Output current: 2A 

Short circuit protection: Yes

Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU)

Eco-Design Directive (2009/125/EC)

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